Lease Acquisition

Bishop Land Service is a full service leasing company. I spent my young adult life in the seismic industry in various positions including shot hole driller, vibe operator, crew manager and permit agent. In 1989 I formed Bishop Land Service, a seismic permitting company. In the early 1990’s my clients wanted me to expand my service to include leasing and Right of Way acquisition. My knack for permitting landowners for seismic quickly translated into successful leasing projects. We here at Bishop Land Service are discrete and careful with our clients projects. This quiet force is relished by our clients. We pride ourselves in doing the work right the first time. Our paperwork and lease files are above industry standard much to our client’s satisfaction. Our in the field seismic background and old fashioned work ethic combined with over 25 years leasing experience enables us to give our clients the best service available in the country. We have used this in the field experience to teach a new generation of motivated, hard working “land men” who live, as I do, by the old fashioned ethic a days work for a days pay. Our leasing division provides all land services for the following;

Oil and gas leasing

Project supervision

Leasehold research and reports

Title curative

Surface and mineral ownership reports

Federal and state government agency permit requirements

Damage settlement

Bishop Land Service utilizes a computerized project management system enabling us to give our clients clear, easy to read and understand updates as often as desired This system enables Bishop Land Service to manage constantly changing prospect information and to prepare and transfer this information quickly to our clients. This system provides a transparent conduit between Bishop Land Service and our clients keeping them informed of exactly what the status of their project is for any given time. Another service greatly appreciated by our clients.

We have a full service title crew. Bishop Land Service is committed to providing its clients with the most up to date research information available allowing our clients to know exactly who and what they need to deal with to ensure the successful completion of their projects.

Our ownership reports include the following;

Surface Owner. Mineral Owner

Liber/Page and description

Instrument date, Recorded date

Death certificates, estates and circuit court files when necessary

Right of ways and easements

Any oil and gas leases, assignments, etc.

Grantor/mortgagor/tax lien/financing search is conducted on all current surface, mineral and leasehold owners

A five-year property tax search