Seismic Permitting

Bishop Land Service specializes in permitting 2-D and 3-D seismic projects. With over 55 years combined experience we have the most seasoned permit staff available in the country today.

Why use a contract permit service to put together your seismic projects?

#1: More control over your project. The permitting can be completed regardless of some seismic crews shooting schedule.

#2: Seismic contractors have permit employees who work for them, they go where the seismic company sends them, and they do and say what the seismic company tells them. The permit agent’s loyalty is to the seismic contractor. When you use Bishop Land Service you have a team that is totally dedicated to you and your project. Our system promotes an honest equitable relationship between the permit department and the client. Our goal is to complete the permit process regardless of other project deadlines.

#3: Bishop Land Service is a full service leasing company as well. We can attend to any lease issues, title, curative or any other mineral ownership issue that crops up.  We provide complete follow up after the crew is gone to ensure crop damage or any other issue to taken care of right away to ensure good public relations and the reputation of our clients.